The first step is the hardest to make. Problems are often too many for all to be tackled at once, and often the ones with the highest prioritiyesare the hardest to tackle. We provide courage and support to those that cannot make this first step on their own. Our projects identify problems, the groups they affect, and we provide them with the necessary skills, tools, and opportunities to generate change.


Making things move forward easier is our virtue/it is our virtue to enable/facilitate progress. We bring initially opposing groups togetherand, remove obstacles that are preventing them froorm communicating and achieving their goals. We disseminateradiate information, as sharing knowledggde clarifies problems, creates opportunities and empowers.

The problems we tackle are usually are as old as society itself. Poverty, conflict, vulnerability, lack of education, lack of information, seclusion. With the development of technology and change in society over time, old solutions cannot generate enough change. sometimes tThey sometimes do not speak the language of today’s society. They often cannot influence change in new problems. We work on generating or adopting new and innovative methods to meet the challenges of today, utilizing the everyday advancement in knowledge sharing, policy


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. A society is only as developed as its least developed community. To move forward all need to be involved, all need to have ownership of the change for the change to happen. No voice is too small and, no effort is negligible in creating change.


We always aimlook to create solutions that can live on in the community they are delivered to. We create solutions by forming partnerships of trust. We make sure that partners are involved fully and take ownership. We facilitate financially sustainable business models. This allows our solutions to achievehave scale and sustainability, by becoming embedded in the community through the work of our partners.


Sharing is essential to our cause. Sharing brings in people together, allows them to identify with each other and unifies their causes, thereby creating a stronger feeling of belonging. We share our experiences and lessons learned with others in our community and with the communities around us. We believe that the bonds forged by sharing guarantee that the values we promote:- tolerance, understanding, equality and respect- will become ubiquitous.