Founded in 2000, as a citizen’s association by four activists from Otpor! (a late 1990s Serbian student’s movement against the policies of Slobodan Milošević), Inititatives carriesy on the legacy of strengthening democracy through empowering individuals and civil society, and enabling change.

At the basis of every community standsis the individual. Individuals are the foundation and supportive framework that builds the society we live in. We have made it our mission to better/improve our society by strengthening its foundation. We aim to work with individuals and reinforce the connection they have with their communityforge a stronger connection that they have with their community. We provide opportunities for individuals to take action. We inspire them. We encourage them.

Our goal is to change the mindset of people living in the world around us through a plethora of innovative methods and projects. Transforming hostility and distrust into collaboration and mutual respect through projects and activities that incontestably establish a (cooperation) dialogue between conflicting groups.

We are committed to researching new and innovative methods to enhance and encourage social dialogue, to building social stability and makeing way for progress and growth. We involve individuals by providing opportunities to learn, to share, to act, to grow, to give back and be part of the positive change.

Our vision, brought to live/carried out/ reflected in mainstreamed through our projects, is an inclusive, tolerant and harmonious society of tomorrow.